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Little Kuts Children's Hair Salon  350 South Lake Avenue Suite 104 Pasadena CA 91101 United States
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-When making an online booking appointment you must PUT THE FIRST AND LAST NAME OF YOUR CHILD! first create a onetime user account with an email and password. Please use your email, and phone number, But for the information of FIRST AND LAST NAME, D.O.B. PLEASE INPUT YOUR CHILDS FIRST, LAST NAME & D.O.B. "NOT THE PARENTS FIRST AND LAST NAME". This way when the appointment comes through on Little Kuts database it will show accurate client name and previous appointment history. For multiple children appointments feel free to use the same child's name multiple times and we will adjust on our computer when you come in.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank You :)

Step 1: Select the relevant service category from the Category drop down list, and then select a service from the Service drop down list.

Step 2: Choose an employee from the available list of Employees.  If you do not require a specific employee, simply select either the Any, Male or Female options.

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